Cash & Debit Payments

Cash Deposit Process

  1. Find your vehicle on our website,  choose your options and proceed to checkout
  2. At the end of your reservation a deposit amount of $250 will be added to the total
  3. Make your payment to finalize the reservation
  4. A confirmation email will be mailed to you containing the details
  • (Local renters) Present Driver’s license, Insurance Card, Proof of residency (Utility Bill, Paystub)
  • (Tourists) Present Driver’s license, Copy of your return flight

5. Upon return, Hamanti will process the refund back to your card or issue you a business check if paid using cash

Hamanti – Car Rental Las Vegas

Q: Do you provide cash car rentals in Las Vegas?
A: Yes, We specialize in cash deposit car rentals

Q: Car rentals that take cash deposits in Las Vegas NV?
A: Yes, We are the closest cash car rental in Las Vegas (Harry Reid International Airport)

Q: Car rental places with no credit card in Las Vegas?
A: Yes, Hamanti does not run credit check on any cash deposit rental cars

Q: Debit card car rental places in Las Vegas?
A: Yes, Hamanti offers debit card rentals cars with a small deposit

Q: Car rentals in Las Vegas that accept cash?
A: Hamanti is the leading car rental in las Vegas that accepts cash and debit cards

Q: Rental cars in Las Vegas that take debit cards?
A: Yes, In addition to debit cards, we also accept prepaid cards

Q: Rent a car with cash only near me?
A: Hamanti is conveniently located close to the Las Vegas Airport (Harry Reid International Airport) and serves customers 24 hours a day

Q: Cheap cash deposit car rental places?
A: Yes, Hamanti is one of the cheapest cash deposit car rentals in Las Vegas

Q: Car rental without credit card Las Vegas?
A: Hamanti makes it possible for all clients to rent a rental car without credit card in Las Vegas

Q: Rent a car with cash only?
A: This is our specialty

Q: Cheap rental cars in Las Vegas with debit card?
A: Hamanti makes it easy to rent cars in Las Vegas using only debit cards