About Us

We are one of the leading car rental companies in Las Vegas. We offer a hassle-free, easy access, full-service rental experience designed to provide you with more choices and simplify the renting process.

The Commitment

At Hamanti, we understand that every customer has unique needs when it comes to renting a car. That's why we offer different payment options, including credit cards, cash deposits, and debit cards, to help you with your transportation needs. We take pride in making sure our customers have the resources they need to get transportation when they need it.

One of the key factors to our success is providing a newer fleet of cars to choose from. We believe in simplicity and ease, and are constantly finding new ways to improve our services based on your feedback. Our secured website is now able to calculate a quote, take your payment online, book your reservation and send you an email confirmation instantly.

The Experience

With 17 years of experience in the car rental industry, we have been able to make a few adjustments to better serve our clients. Whether you need a rental for a couple of days, a week, or a long-term rental, our staff and fleet can accommodate your rental needs. We are conveniently located minutes away from major international airports, making it easy to get you on your way as soon as possible.

At Hamanti Car Rental, we value every single client and continuously build relationships that last a lifetime. We strive to make every customer feel at home and make their rental experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible. So please, call or click and experience for yourself what sets us apart from the rest. Enjoy your stay and safe travels!